Get your first report

Reporting with GrimoireLab Reports is easy. You need to have enriched ElasticSearch indexes, produced by GrimoireELK (see Producing Kibana dashboards with GrimoireELK), and of course, having grimoirelab-reports installed. The rest is pretty easy.

For example, to produce a report about Git data in the standard GrimoireLab enriched index in my local ElasticSearch (accesible in the standard http://localhost:9200 location), you only need to run:

$ report -d /tmp/report-result -u http://localhost:9200 \
   -n GrimoireLab --data-sources git

The report will be produced as /tmp/report-result/report.pdf, using GrimoireLab as the name of the analyzed project, when presented in the report.

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