A GrimoireLab dashboard in one step

Mordred can produce a dashboard for a group of repositories in one step. It can produce the dashboard for many different data sources, and can do that icrementally (that is, periodically visiting all repositories, and updating the dashboard with new data). But to start small and easy, in this first example we will produce a dashobard for only two git repositories.

The process is as follows:

short_name = GrimoireLab
update = false
# in seconds
sleep = 0
min_update_delay = 10
debug = true
# /var/log/mordred/
logs_dir = /tmp/logs
kibana = "5"

projects_file = projects.json

url = http://localhost:9200
user =
password =

url =
user =
password =

# Refresh identities and projects for all items after enrichment
autorefresh = false
studies = true

host = localhost
user = user_sh
password = pass_sh
database = grimoirelab_sh
load_orgs = false
#orgs_file = orgs_file
# see: sortinghat unify --help
unify_method =
# commonly: Unknown
unaffiliated_group = Unknown
affiliate = True
autoprofile = [customer,git,github]
matching = [email]
sleep_for = 0
bots_names = [Beloved Bot]

kibiter_time_from= "now-90d"
kibiter_default_index= "git"

collection = true
identities = true
enrichment = true
panels = true

raw_index = git_test-raw
enriched_index = git_test

In this file, you need to include the proper credentials where needed. At least, you should change user_sh and pass_sh to your credentials to the SortingHat (MariaDB or MySQL) database.

  • Prepare a projects.json file, with the list of repositories to analyze, organized in projects. A very small version of it, just for testing:
    "grimoire": {
        "git": [

See a more complete information about this file in the section on the projects file.

  • Prepare a menu.yaml, with the menu for Kibiter (not needed if the data will be visualized with Kibana).

  • Clone the grimoirelab/panels git repository, which has some pre-configured dashboards for Kibitter:

$ git clone https://github.com/grimoirelab/panels
  • Run Mordred, in an enviroment with the appropriate programs installed: git, MariaDB (or MySQL), ElasticSearch, and Kibitter. The cloned panels repository should be a subdirectory, named panels, of the directory where the mordred command is run:
mordred -c mordred-grimoirelab.cfg

And that's it. Point your browser to http://localhost:5601, assuming your Kibiter is deployed to serve requests in the standard port (5601). You'll see the produced dashboard.

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