Producing Kibana dashboards with GrimoireELK

GrimoireELK is an interim system oriented to produce Kibana-based dashboards with Perceval and friends. It provides a Python module (grimoire_elk) with facilities for driving Perceval, enriching data, and uploading / downloading it to / from ElasticSearch. It includes as well some scripts (mainly and to retrieve data from repositories related to software development, and produce everything needed to have a nice Kibana-based dashboard for it.

In summary,

  • drives Perceval to retrieve data from repositories,
  • uploads the resulting data as raw indexes (collections of JSON documents) to ElasticSearch
  • enrichs those raw indexes (produce new data with fields suitable to be used by Kibana dashboards)
  • uploads that resulting data as enriched indexes to ElasticSearch

In addition,

  • uploads dashboard definitions (including visualizations, searches and everything needed by them) to produce a Kibana dashboard

In this chapter we will explore how to use these tools to produce complete Kibana-based dashboards. Before following to the rest of the chapter, ensure that the GrimoireELK Python module is installed (see Installing GrimoireLab).

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