Before you start

Before you start working with this training manual, there is some stuff that is convenient to have into account.

  • Python version. GrimoireLab is built to run with Python3. Most reasonably recent Python3 versions will work. The examples have been tested with Python 3.5.

  • Architecture. GrimoireLab is being developed mainly on GNU/Linux platforms. It is very likely it will work out of the box on any Linux-like (or Unix-like) platform, provided the right version of Python is available. In other platforms, your mileage will vary. We will appreciate experiences of use in any specific architecture (see chapter on Contributing).

  • GrimoireLab version. In general, the examples shown in this tutorial should work with the latest version of the GrimoireLab packages in Pypi. See the next sections for how to install everything that is needed.

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